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Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit Releasement Therapy is an excellent method of depossession developed by the late Dr. William Baldwin.  It is sometimes referred to as, “A clinical approach to depossession”.

It wasn't long after I became interested in the subject of Soul Rescue that the subject of Attached Spirits started coming up more and more.

The most interesting and methodical form of spirit release that I've found was the Spirit Releasement Therapy method that had been developed by the late Dr. William Baldwin.  Dr. Baldwin was actually a crusader for this clinical approach to depossession.

Dr. Baldwin's method has three approaches to spirit release.

  1. Regression Therapy
  2. Soul Fragment Recovery
  3. Spirit Releasement (and other entities)


Attached Spirit Release and 
Spirit Releasement Therapy

Although I started with Dr. Baldwin's methods, and still respect his work tremendously, I've since developed my own approach based on my own experiences.  However, I still always point to and recommend Dr. Baldwin's book, Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual as required reading for my own students.

In the SRT method, attached spirits are seen as "parasites" that feed off the energy of the living host.  In some cases the spirit is made to feel guilty for invading the host.  However, all interactions are encouraged to be non-confrontational and all spirits are invited to transition, or cross-over.

In my own work with spirits, I believe that all attached spirits will have a resonating emotion with the living host.  It is this resonance that initially attracts the spirit to the host, and then keeps it attached.

As a result, when I work with spirits my only objective is to assist the spirit to transition.  I place no judgment, blame or guilt on the spirit.  One criticism that I've received from clients is that often my Attached Spirit Release sessions will often seem like they are more for the spirit than for the client.  However, it's always my view that when the spirits and entities are helped to transition, the client is then left with the desired result of being free from the attachments.

Another major difference in ASR and SRT is that the SRT is based on the use of hypnosis and using the client  to channel the attached spirit.  This allows the Release Practitioner to speak with the spirit, through the hypnotized client.

The ASR approach is to use a Psychic Medium to channel the attached spirits.  The trained medium will identify attached spirits and entities and allow them to speak through her.  I, as a Release Facilitator, will then speak to the spirits through the medium instead of the client.


Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual  
by Dr. William Baldwin

Excellent book for a pragmatic approach to Spirit Release.  Dr. Baldwin delivers well researched information on the modern-day history of various Spirit Release methods. 

Dr. Baldwin also does a very interesting breakdown of various types of entities that he has encountered, including extraterrestrials.


Rev. William Baldwin was also practicing minister.  In many ways, he offers a Good vs. Evil approach to the subject of spirit release.  Although we do still strongly recommend his book as a reference, we believe that anyone that is interested in learning how to release spirits must learn to have a neutral approach throughout the process.


Further Reading


The Soul Rescue Manual  
by Patrick Rodriguez
Detailed instructions on how to release Earthbound Spirits (ghosts), including the detailed methodology used to do so. Filled with insights and knowledge gained from experiences releasing spirits.


Healing Lost Souls: 
Releasing Unwanted Spirits from Your Energy Body

by William J. Baldwin
A smaller and easier read than the full Spirit Releasement Therapy book.  This is a valuable read for anyone that is interested in the world of Spirit Release.



The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession
by Edith Fiore
One of Dr. Baldwin's original teachers whom he adopted the SRT methods from.




Remote Depossession
by Irene Hickman
A very well respected past leader in the field of Spirit Release.  I personally use an approach very similar to Dr. Hickman, who chooses to work with a third-person rather than hypnotizing a client directly, as taught by Dr. Baldwin.



Freeing the Captives:
The Emerging Therapy of Treating Spirit Attachment

by Louise Ireland-Frey
Another excellent book that covers Spirit Release using hypnosis treatment.  Dr. Frey also teaches the use of a hypnotized third-party subject to release spirits from clients.