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Attached Spirit Release

Attached Spirit Release

Attached Spirit Release is our own method of dealing with attached spirits and entities.  When an earthbound spirit comes into your life, the way to get it out is not  trying to force it to leave, but rather by offering it somewhere better to go.

This, in a nutshell, is our approach to working with spirits.  While other forms may choose to Exorcize or evict the spirit, we work with it.  We've found that many of them are not even aware that they are dead.

Attached Spirits

Our view of attached spirits is that they are definitely inconvenient, but beyond that there isn't much more judgment that we put on them.

Many of the spirits that cause disturbances are really just looking for attention.  Imagine living an entire existence where no one can see or hear you.  And then one day someone briefly notices you.

You might do anything you can to be noticed again by this person, just to have someone acknowledge that you exist!  This is often how spirits become "attached".

Talking to Spirits

The belief of many people is that spirits stay behind because of "unfinished business".  However, our experience has been that spirits will stay behind for a number of reasons (see Earthbound Spirits page).   Our goal when doing Attached Spirit Release is to reassure them and then offer them a better option to their current experience.

When it comes to talking to spirits, anyone can do it.  Just speak and they can hear you.  The trick is to have a dialogue with them and to get a conversation going for the purpose of helping them to transition.

Once an earthbound spirit crosses-over, or transitions, they no longer have any interest in returning to haunt the home or person.

Removing Entities

In almost every case that we've had where a person is being affected by an entity, the entity will not have any bad intent, per se.  Most entities attached to people will only have a specific task or a purpose.

There are almost never any emotional connections to the affected person, which makes the release process much more simple in most cases.  However, there is almost always a feeling of Pride from doing a task well.

Our approach to removing the entities is to play up to the sense of pride and accomplishment in their work.  We then offer the entity an option of doing a "good job somewhere else that's more Important."

At this point we call for our own Spirit Guides and Angels for help in relocating the entities to where they are most needed and better used than with the affected person.

This serves the dual purpose of removing the entity from the person, and in helping the entity keep their pride in a job well-done, while also moving the entity along to somewhere better suited to their skills.

Remote Attached Spirit Release

We work in teams of Spirit Release facilitator and Psychic Medium. Psychic mediums are able to see spirits and hear what they are saying. The facilitator will interact with the spirits, through the Medium, to help the spirits and entities move on.

Remote Attached Spirit Release are sessions held without the presence of the affected person.  We do not need to have you visit us, nor do we need to physically visit your home to release spirits there.

Spirits and entities will usually work in "layers". There seldom is only one spirit or entity bothering a person, although it may seem that way to the affected person.

During the process we remove and release each layer of spirits and/or entities. Also during this process we attempt to energetically work on the auric field that allowed the attachment to happen in the first place.

One important consideration during these sessions is that there will always be a resonating "hurt" or energy between the affected person and the attached spirit or entity.

An important part of the session is to find the resonating "hurt" between the person and the spirit or entity. In cases involving multiple spirits, this may only be done in multiple sessions.

To schedule a session, or for more information, please use the Contact Us page.

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