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Spirit Possession and Attached Spirits

Spirit Possession and Attached Spirits

I'm often asked, "Does Spirit Possession really happen?" I've now had MANY experiences with helping people that have had Attached Spirits and have suffered either partial of full possession. Yes, it does happen.

In most cases the person won't even know that there's any spirit attachment. Generally speaking, life is pretty normal. But when a situation or event happens that triggers or annoys the attached spirit, it's as if something seems to "take over".

What is a Spirit Possession?

A spirit possession is when a spirit is able to either temporarily or permanently take over the thinking and/or body functions of a living person.

I've heard many times how a person will have the feeling that when the spirit possession happens there's a feeling like, "it wasn't me doing it."   And effectively it's not.

For brief moments attached spirits can sometimes affect the behavior of the person that they're attached to.  This is sometimes referred to as Partial Possession because the spirit isn't in full control at all times.

What's more common though are spirits that will influence people but not take possession of the person.  These spirits are still attached, but will not take over in the way that a possession happens.

What is an Attached Spirit?

An attached spirit is when an earthbound spirit is attracted to a living person and then begins to "hang out" with the living person.  After a while, the spirit finds that they become emotionally attached.  Often the spirit will feel safe or even complacent about being with the person.

In most cases attached spirits don't have any ill-will and they don't mean to harm the person.  It's almost always just that the spirit had some connection to the person, either emotionally, similar life-experiences, or the spirit could have known the person in life or even a past life.

Once the spirit has been released, the living person will begin to re-learn what it's like to be alone in their own bodies again.

Several options and methods are available to the person that is experiencing either Spirit Possession or Attached Spirits.  Traditionally, the removal of spirits has been dictated to the church or religious organizations.

Releasing Attached Spirits

Most mainstream religions have their own way of dealing with spirit possession and releasing attached spirits.

The movie, "The Exorcist" brought the Catholic Exorcism ritual into mainstream awareness.

This ritual is based on the belief of Demonic Possession.  In order to receive a Catholic ritual the person must first be witnessed having signs such as speaking in unknown languages, aversion for the name of God, Jesus, the Saints, etc.

The Catholic church must first approve all request for the ritual to take place.  Request will typically not be approved for a person (only) having symptoms of Spirit Attachment.

Another Christian-based form of Spirit Release is known as Deliverance Ministry, which is similar to the Catholic model but without as much formal ritual.

A more recent form of dealing with attached spirits was popularized by the late Dr. William Baldwin, Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT).  This model requires no belief on the part of the affected person, and some practitioners don't even require the involvement of the affected person.

Remote Spirit Release using the SRT method are common among many practitioners.  In this method spirits are removed from the affected person remotely by either a single practitioner or by a team of people.

For readers interested in learning how to use the (revised) Soul Healing and Spirit Release Therapy approach I recommend downloading the teleclass recording available through my Online Store.

This is a full three-hour workshop that includes discussion of the various common types of spirits and entities that are encountered during a spirit release session. It also covers the critically important discussion of how Resonating Energies can attract and cause spirit attachments.

During the teleclass we also perform an actual demonstration of spirit and entity release and how the emotional energies of the client had made it possible for spirits to attach and affect this man.

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