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Spirit Release Therapy, Radio Interview:
Patrick Rodriguez and Heather Hayes

The Sign of the Times ( team interviews Patrick Rodriguez on Spirit Release Therapy and Soul Rescue. What do these terms actually mean? Does one have to 'believe in the spirit world' for such therapeutic modalities to work? As Rodriguez emphasises, it's not a magic wand that will transform your life for the better overnight, but people do have dramatic improvements in their lives with the help of such 'unconventional' therapy.


User Experiences and Testimonials
Are you wondering what Soul Healing and Spirit Release Therapy can do for you?
Read about what one person had to say about their session experience and the after-affects.
User experiences and testimonials


Introduction to Spirit Release - YouTube Video
This introduction to spirit release provides an overview of how earthbound spirits can become attached to living people. By learning how to help these spirits we all can learn to also help ourselves.
Introduction to Spirit Release - YouTube Video


Soul Healing Therapy
Healing from the Soul. Practical information for letting go of limiting beliefs and strengthening your spirit by working through the emotions. Become the person that you've also known you can become.