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I See Dead People

I See Dead People

Yes, I see dead people.  Well to be more specific, I sense the presence of spirits when they are around.

What I've learned to do when this happens, and what I teach and encourage other people to do, is to help these Lost Souls to Transition into the Light.

What this simply means is that most ghosts and spirits that we see or feel may just not know or accept that they are dead.  Learning to  first tell them, in a diplomatic manner, of this fact will be your first lesson in Soul Rescue.

Spirits Without Bodies

If I'm working with a medium that can clearly see and/or hear ghosts or spirits (these terms can be interchangeable in this discussion), I often enjoy speaking with the spirit directly.

When I begin any session to help a ghost I'll almost always use an informal and somewhat casual conversational approach. I may ask his or her name and maybe find out something about them, such as how old they are, etc.

At some point towards the beginning of the conversation I will be sure to address the question of death. The way that this topic is brought up and approached can be very important to the remaining release session. I offer this approach for anyone just starting in Soul Rescue or wanting to learn a different way of approaching the subject.

In the example below I am speaking to a ghost by the name of Mary. Mary, the ghost, is speaking to a medium. The medium then relays Mary's answers to me.

Patrick: "Mary, are you aware that you no longer have a physical body but that you do continue to exist?"
Medium: "No, she says that she wasn't aware of that fact. She looks a little confused now."
Patrick: "Mary, that's the reason that people haven't been able to hear or see you. I actually can't see or hear you either. My friend here has the ability to see you but I can't. Does that help to explain some things for you?"
Medium: "Yes, she says it makes sense now."
Patrick: "You see, it isn't that people were being rude or ignoring you, it's just that they didn't know that you were there."

Lost Souls

The world of Lost Souls can be lonely and confusing. For these earthbound spirits it's confusing to have the same awareness that they had when they were alive, but all the people around them refuse to interact or even acknowledge them.

The question that I receive most often from new mediums, or people that are just beginning seeing ghosts is, "Why me? Why are they choosing to show themselves to me?"

My consistent answer is that, "Because you can see them." To an earthbound spirit that has been wandering for decades, or sometimes even longer, to finally have someone recognize that they EXIST is no less that a Blessed Miracle!

Seeing Spirits

People that can see spirits are referred to as Mediums. When people are just learning to see spirits this can sometimes be a frightening experience.

At first you may only see shadows in the corner of the room or movements out of the corner of your eyes. Some people are just "aware" of the presence of something else in the room and can give details about what they are sensing.

In either case, you're now seeing spirits.

I'm Seeing Spirits, Now What?

Again, my recommendation is for people to learn to assist these Lost Souls to Transition. I'm also aware that not everyone feels comfortable embarking on this journey alone.

Many people that I've worked with in the past will tell me that, once they learn the simple process, it's easy to do and that they sleep much more soundly at night.

I've written my book with the sole purpose of helping you to learn how to do this for yourself. The Soul Rescue Manual is available in the Online Store.

I sincerely hope that you will use this material for your own well-being as well as the well-being of the spirits that you may be appearing to you. It has served me and many of the people whom I've shared it with and continue to teach.

I look forward to hearing your stories after you use it.

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