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Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal is a very interesting and well done series from the A&E cable station.  I don't normally endorse many of the TV shows on these days about ghosts or spirits, but this show really caught my attention because of the focus it puts on children with psychic-medium abilities that are scared and confused over these skills.

Many children have the ability to see or feel the presence of ghosts and spirits.  But as this series suggests, many of these children feel odd or "weird" about voicing their fears even to their own parents.


Struggles of Children Seeing Ghosts

Some of the stories are heart-breaking of young teens struggling with the fear of leaving the house at night for fear of having ghosts stare at them and follow them home.  And even more frightening than the ghosts are the parents that won't believe the claims of their children or feel that it is all due to an over-active imagination.

One aspect of this show that I really love is the inclusion of a therapist that helps the children to deal with their anxiety over seeing spirits, and also helps the parents to accept the gifts of their children and help them to understand and accept them for who they are and the remarkable skills that they've been given.

Chip Coffey, Psychic Medium

Another aspect of the show that I did appreciate is the inclusion of a seasoned psychic medium in each episode that acts as a mentor to the children.  In the clip below, Chip Coffey describes his own experiences as a psychic-medium and then goes on to describe how he helps children to let go of the energy when they feel the presence of spirits.

Releasing Earthbound Spirits

One aspect of the show that I did find a little disappointing was that the children were not taught how to Release spirits, or how to help them to cross-over.  Whenever I'm teaching Soul Rescue or Spirit Release this is always the first and foremost skill that I endeavor to teach the participants.

When helping spirits to transition we not only help the spirit to come to peace, but we also help our selves because the emotional energy of that spirit will no longer be lingering either with us or with others.  So if that spirit was sad, we will no longer feel their sadness.  Or if the spirit were to travel to another person, that person may feel sad and never understand the reason for it.  That is why it is so important to help spirits to transition.

Overall I would highly recommend this series to any parent that has children reporting seeing ghosts or spirits.  I believe that this show may help many adults and children alike that have no reference for the sites, images and feelings that they experience and dealings with the paranormal.

And for any parent that has a child that is seeing spirits I invite you to learn how to help these spirits to cross over by downloading The Soul Rescue Manual, which gives step by step instructions, prayers and visualizations to help spirits move on.

Psychic Kids on Video

I highly recommend this video set for any parent that has a child going through this situation or for anyone that is just learning about their own abilities to see spirits.

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