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Friendly Ghosts

Friendly Ghosts

Ever have friendly ghosts in your home? I've found that for people with either latent or developed psychic medium skills having ghostly visitors is actually a common occurrence. In my own home it happens so frequently that I just referred to them as visitors.

Usually by the time that I become aware that I have a new visitor, there are several that have been accumulating in the house. The reason for this is that most of my ghost visitors remain unobtrusive. The simply go about their existence until I become consciously aware of their presence.

Living with Friendly Ghosts

Occasionally I'm contacted by readers who will say something to the effect of, "I feel that I have friendly ghosts in my home" or "I can feel the presence of someone around me and I think that it's the spirit of..." When I respond by asking if they would like to have the spirit removed, these people will say, "No, I just want to know what can you tell me about it."

In these cases I try to explain that in the world of ghosts, there is no "wisdom" or "messages from the other side". Ghosts do not have insights or higher-level view that a Spirit Guide or Enlightened Master will have.

They cannot tell you your future any more than your neighbor. They are not imbued with special gifts are powers. Most ghosts and spirits don't even realize that they are no longer alive.

Transitioned Spirits

Transitioned spirits will also occasionally make contact with the living; however, there is much more to existence after death than visiting loved ones that are still living. There is so much to do and experience to the transitioned spirit that, although they may choose to "check in" briefly, as a rule they will generally not stay around for too long..

Transitioned spirits can sometimes be felt at quiet times or when asleep as a reassuring presence. There is usually a calmness felt in the presence of these beings that is in contrast to the various feelings that can be felt in the presence of an Earthbound Spirit.

Imagine a living person that is chronically depressed. That person is not always experiencing the "depressed" feeling; however, if we remain in the constant presence of that person we will eventually feel their depression and it may have an effect on our own mood. This becomes especially true if we are prone to depression ourselves. This is how effects of the presence of Earthbound Spirits can become.

For the person not experienced with the paranormal, or metaphysical, there can be a "novelty" of having friendly ghosts around the house. The spirits of earthbound children are often playful or mischievous. These Spirit Children are often attracted to caring or motherly personalities. A sensitive living person who feels an earthbound child may desire to care for or protect this spirit-child.

Old houses will also sometimes attract ghosts. The spirits may feel lonely and desire to communicate or make his/her presence known to the living tenants. Again, this may make the living people feel "special" to know that they have friendly ghosts in their home.

We may not immediately feel the loneliness, the depression or other draining emotions, but this is the core existence of these beings. If they are not assisted to transition, their presence can become like that of a depressed friend that is constantly in our presence.

My solution is to assist them to transition. Once in the care of the Transition Spirits, these Earthbound Spirits can then find the comfort and rest that they need in a place that is appropriate for them.

Often, simply having the "Intent" of helping the spirits to transition and calling out to "Transitioned Loved Ones to come assist the spirit to transition" is enough to help. Almost any prayer said with the intent of trying to help the spirit to transition can assist the spirit.

In my book, The Soul Rescue Manual, I've outlined a step- by- step process how anyone can help ghosts and spirits to to transition.

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